The Choice Story.

Whenever we go on the road, we’ve always found the same options: fast food that isn’t good, or good food that isn’t fast.

So we decided to do things a little differently. You shouldn’t have to choose between quality ingredients, accommodating hours, and instant access when you're shopping for food. At Choice, you can have it all - fresh, local, and on-demand.

We combined quick service, fresh quality food from local vendors, and the latest technology into a new kind of convenience store: Choice, a Denver market, open early & late.

Buy your groceries, customize a meal, grab a snack on the go, and pick up whatever necessities you may have forgotten - all at the same place, and all within a few minutes. Can’t get to the store? Order online, on our app, or through Postmates. Choice is at your fingertips.

This is food that meets you where you are, when you want it. It’s your choice where you want to take it.

Our Community

The only thing we love more than food is Denver. So we give back as much as we can to our community, through our daily practices, employee programs, and involvement with local charities.

Local Suppliers

At Choice, we use local ingredients and groceries as much as possible. Here are just a few of the many local businesses we source from:

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