Denver’s Choice Market is a c-store, grocer and fast-casual restaurant that does nearly a third of its business online — and it has big growth plans.

If Amazon is known as “The Everything Store,” then Choice Market could just as easily be known as “The Every-Format Store.”

That’s because it’s dabbling in a little bit of everything as it tries to reach modern shoppers. It has all the hallmarks of a convenience store — the 2,500-square-foot size, the racks of candy and snacks — combined with the fresh produce and household goods of a grocery store. Choice Market does 60% of its business in packaged and made-to-order meals, all of which are prepared in an on-site kitchen, and offers order pickup and delivery across its assortment.

It’s also getting into vending machines. And checkout-free technology. And it has a second-generation c-store design set to debut later this year.

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