Add-Ons: 10mg CBD, Vanilla pea protein, Chocolate pea protein, Blue-Green Algae, Moringa, Baby kale, Ginger powder, Chia seeds

This represents a sample of our made to order food. Availability varies by location and ingredients may change due to seasonality.
Please check with each specific location to get our current menu offering.

Green Sky

Kale, avocado, powdered moringa, apple, apple juice

Mood-boosting moringa

Liquid Blue

Blueberry, blackberry, blue-green algae, coconut yogurt, apple juice

Energizing blue-green algae


Orange juice, coconut milk, vanilla yogurt, mango

Immunity boosting Vitamin C

Purple Rain

Acai, banana, blackberries, coconut yogurt, almond milk

Antioxidant-packed acai

Big Red

Mixed berries, banana, yogurt, almond milk, chia seeds

Skin-strengthening berries

Brown Sugar

Chocolate protein powder, almond butter, banana and almond milk


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